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Selling your Bike with Cicli Artigianali

The terms and conditions here relate only to Selling your bike through the
Cicli Artigianali (CCA) Shop


Terms and Conditions



  • Cicli Artigianali (CCA) only provide the platform to advertise bicycles

  • Any agreement to purchase an advertised bike, will be tween the purchaser and the Seller

  • Shipping, collection and payment remain the responsibility of the buyer / seller; CCA will not be involved in the transaction outside hosting the advert

  • Please make sure you are happy with images, descriptions and other material provided by the seller before committing to purchase, CCA will not cover damage, returns or enter mediation between purchaser and seller.



By click the check box to accept these terms and conditions, you agree to

  • CCA will only share your email and or phone number so sellers can contact you to purchase your bike

  • We will not use your details for any other purpose other than to communicate with you regarding your sale

  • You agree to pay a non refundable, flat fee of £20 to advertise you bike for sale

  • It is your responsibility to advise CCA when the bike  has been sold, so the listing can be removed

  • We will not remove a listing until advise it is sold, or asked otherwise to remove it by you

  • You bike must also be listed in our collection prior to being sold, this is so we can link to more pictures and a description of the bike for you - Not in the Collection, Cannot be listed for sale

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