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Club Cicli Artigianali is an informal group of cyclists based in the London area who restore, maintain and most importantly, ride vintage, artisan-built road racing bicycles.


In the main their machines hail from the 'golden era' of cycle racing - the 1930s to mid 1980s, the cut off date coinciding with the arrival of index gears, clipless pedals and all carbon fibre frames.


In addition to the purely aesthetic appeal of the hand-crafted frames is the opportunity to own and ride a cycle of the very same specification as machines that were ridden to victory by ones heros.


You may not be able to afford a Ferrari like Fangio's or a Lotus like Jim Clark's but you can ride a Legnano like Bartali's, a Bianchi like Coppi's a Peugeot like Simpson's or a Colnago like the one ridden by Merckx.

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