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The Wearwell Cycle Company was a  bicycle and motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 1889 in Wolverhampton by the five sons of Henry Clarke, founder of the late Cogent Cycle Company

In 1928 brothers Jack and George Waine took over the company from the liquidators and started producing a full range of cycles, scooters, and motorcycles.

By 1950 75% of Wearwell’s production was exported and the company began sponsoring a professional cycle team, winning the  Tour of Britain  in 1953.

In 1972 Wearwell Cycle Company was sold to Elswick-Hooper and production was moved to Brigg in Lincolnshire. It survived a few more years until that company was finally closed in 1975.

A great-great-grandson of Henry Clarke revived the Wearwell name in 2017 as a cycle clothing company.

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Tour of Britain - 10

Tour of Britain - 10


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