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VINER was founded in 1947 in Pistoia, near Florence, by Viviano Nerozzi manufacturing city bikes. in the  early 1950s, VINER introduced its first road racing bikes.

The 1960s were the boom years for VINER as they become sponsors for Furzi-FT pro team and several pro cyclists like Conti and Polidori used VINER bikes during Giro d'Italia.

The company continued to increase its business volume into the 1980s as they begin to manufacture mountain bikes as well. In the 1990s VINER was technical sponsor for pro-teams like Mapei, Navigare and Scrigno.

In 1994 Viviano Nerozzi passes away but the company continues managed by Cesare Baldi and the Nerozziis family.

Then, in 2007 Viviano Nerozzi's successor, Cesare Baldi, dies but the company continued to be very active and managed by the family until 2013 when it ceased trading.

In 2016 Planet X in the UK licensed the name and starts branding racing bikes.

Courtesy of Marco Borri and Classic Rendezvous




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