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Tecnotelai 2T

Tecnotelai 2T is a metal equipment manufacturing company in Bologna that in 1975 set up a steel bicycle manufacturing arm.

The new frame building business was headed up by respected Modena frame builder Orazio Grenzi who sold his Cicli Virginia workshop to his friend and fellow builder Luciano Paletti.

Tecnotelai 2T cycle manufacturing side of the business only stayed active until the mid 1980s before it closed due to financial problems.

Grenzi returned to Modena to re-open his workshop where he continued to build frames until his retirement in 1987.

Orazio left Cicli Virginia to his apprentice nephew Marco Palmieri who still runs this thriving cycle business in Modena today.

Tecnotelai is also still in business in Bologna manufacturing metal office and industrial furniture and storage units.

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