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Rory O'Brien

Rory O’Brien was born Henry Nolan O’Brien in Stratford Essex in 1909. After school he became a successful bike mechanic and after the war became manager of the Claud Butler shop in East Ham.

In 1947 Rory left Claud’s and with his brother-in-law set up his own business in Manor Park Essex using fellow ex Claud Butler employee Les Ephgrave to build his frames.

In 1956 Rory opened another shop in Romford Essex selling bikes by other builders like Claud Butler but for his own top end models used master frame builders Vic Edwards to build his ‘D.B. Special’ and Les Ephgrave the ‘Championship’

During the 1950s and early 60s Rory sponsored individual road and track riders and a professional racing team, ‘Rory O’Brien Cycles’ which included the successful road man Dave Bedwell.

Rory closed the Manor Park shop in 1974 and sold the Romford shop in 1979. The new owners continue to use the name until the late 1980s when it shut for good.

Rory passed away in 1989

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DB Special

DB Special


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