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Born in 1897 Giusto Pinzani learnt his trade as an infantry engineer in WW1 where he modified machine gun carrying heavy bicycles to fit the individual soldiers riding them.

After the war he set up his own workshop in Via Gioberti, Firenze making work and then racing bicycles. He was one of the first frame builders in Italy to ‘tailor’ bikes to fit specific riders.

In 1929 he built the bikes for Florentine rider Umberto Berni to participate in the Tour de France, after which he built bikes for Gino Bartali, Alfredo Martini and Cino Cinelli. Giusto’s greatest success came in 1957 when another Florentine, Gastone Nencini won the Giro D’Italia whilst riding for Leo-Chlorodont with bikes supplied by Bianchi. At the victory celebration Nencini announced the bike he rode was not in fact a Bianchi but a Pinzani. Nencini’s pink jersey was displayed in Giusto’s shop window for many years after.

After that success Giusto was approached by several large cycle manufacturers wanting to purchase the name to make reproductions of his unusually painted bicycles. He refused stating he would only put his name to bicycles built with his own hands.

He retired in 1980 at the age of 83 and passed away in 1986.

Pinzani bikes are very sort after by collectors of true artisan built machines.







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