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In the early 40s, brothers Umberto, Luigi and Sergio Patelli joined Cicli Testi of Bologna, a small artisan company specializing in the construction of bicycles. Luigi became a frame builder, Umberto and Sergio build wheels and assembled bikes.

In 1948 all three brothers left Testi and opened a workshop in Via San Vitale, Bologna selling town bikes and racing frames built by Luigi. The shop remained in operation until 1964 when Umberto moved the business headquarters to Via Matteotti Giacomo, Bologna. Luigi opened his own frame building workshop in Via Massarenti and

Sergio, who had since become Italian amateur road race champion, opened a shop in his name in the Corticella district of Bologna.

Luigi built the rough frames for both Sergio and Umberto, who both finished and signed them in their own name.

In 1976, Umberto bought another building in Bologna where he opened a large workshop for the construction of custom-made frames built by Luigi, Patelli own make cycle tools, frame jigs, stands and accessories to sell in the two stores.

The workshop remained in operation until 1997 when the brothers retired. Umberto left his original shop in Via Matteotti Giacomo to his partners Roberto Morelli and Dario Venturi, thanks to whom Cicli Patelli is still a successful business and a meeting place for Bolognese cyclists.

Over the years Patelli frames have become highly coveted by collectors for their lightness and high-quality.

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