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Paris Cycles was founded in London in 1937 by Harry Rensch and initially bikes appeared under his own name.

With the outbreak of WW2 formal production ceased but some frames were built under the "Paris" name which was adopted when the firm set up again about 1946, and lasted until the mid 1950s.

Not all models built by Paris were of the Galibier style (it was treated with great suspicion by most) The "Tour de France" and the lower priced "Professional" were their mainstays.

The former having elaborate bilaminated lugs which were not truly lugs as the frames were welded but were very ornate.

The name was revived for a short while in 1982 with replica Galibier and Tour de France models being built for Condor by Tom Board, a former employee of Rensch.

The venture was not a commercial success




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