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Luciano Paletti was born in 1947 in Bondeno Italy. By the mid 1960s Luciano had become a successful amateur road racing cyclist and part time frame builder, a skill he learns from various artisan builders in Modena including Orazio Grenzi at Cicli Virginia.

In 1972 Grenzi becomes the technical director of 3ttt/Cobra/REG in Bologna and sells the workshop to Paletti. Frames leaving the workshop at this time were decalled Grenzi/Paletti.

Luciano immediately started working on various new frame design features with Ugo DeRosa and Licinio Marastoni that were patented.

During the 1980s and 90s Paletti sponsored many local riders and the business continued to grow. In 1997 Luciano’s son Michele, a professional racer, joined the business.

Luciano died in 2015. Today Cicli Paletti is a thriving family business run by Michele Paletti and still based in Modena.

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