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Giuseppe Olmo was one of Italy's most famous cyclists in the 1930s.

At the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics he won a gold medal in the team time trials. He then became then a professional cyclist, signed with Bianchi and this partnership was very successful. Between 1932 and 1938 Olmo won many races and Grand Tour stages and held the world one hour record in 1935.

Olmo retired in 1938 and went back to his hometown of Celle Ligure, where he founded Olmo Biciclette. They made race bicycles that can be compared to the any other high end Italian producer.

Giuseppe became a successful entrepreneur and between the 1940s and 1970s he expanded his company into several manufacturing industries.

These individual businesses are all managed under the Olmo Group today and production of Olmo bicycles is still located in Celle Ligure.







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