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In 1922 Luigi Liotto opened a cycle repair shop in the Borgo Scroofa area of Vicenza Italy. At that time his twelve year old son Gino joins his father in the shop. In 1925 Gino, at the age of 15, built his first race frame and also started his career as a racing cyclist. By the mid 1930s Gino had quit racing and spent all his time frame building in the workshop.

The business grew during the 1940s and 50s with Liotto supplying frames and giving support to many of the local teams.

Luigi dies in 1962 and Gino takes over the business. The 60s and 70s sees Cicli Liotto grow into a major concern and to a bigger shop in Vicenza but Gino continues the artisan approach to the cycle business.

In late 1980s Gino changes the business name to Cicli Liotto Gino & Figli Snc which sees Gino joined in the business by his son Pierangelo and daughters Luigina and Doretta.

Today Cicli Liotto is a thriving family run cycle business in Vicenza still making frames, both steel and carbon in house and sponsoring local riders.




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