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Harry Quinn

The business began in 1890 as Coronet Cycles based on Walton Road, Liverpool, and Harry Quinn was the son of the founder.

Harry worked in the premises for his father, alongside his brothers and sisters.

Harry was an influential figure in the British cycling scene, and trained frame builders Terry Dolan and Billy Whitcomb in his Liverpool premises.

When Reg Harris made his famous comeback in 1975 at the age of 54 he asked Harry to build his bikes.

His frames were known for their short wheelbase and steep angles, relative to other marques.

In 1979, he was one of only three frame builders qualified to use 753 Reynolds tubing, the others being TI Raleigh and Bob Jackson. Harry Quinn also designed bikes for Viking Cycles.

After Harry lost sight in one eye in 1977, the business was sold to Frank Clements, with Harry kept on as Master Frame Builder.  Late on, Harry re-acquired the Harry Quinn company with his son Peter and the business relocated to St Florence in Wales. The company was wound up sometime in the 1990s.

Harry passed away in 2009 aged 93







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