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The company was founded 1892 by Willem Kölling and Rudolf Arentsen. Initially they sold bicycles imported from England.

They started their own production using the Gazelle name in 1902.

Between the wars Gazelle had success exporting bicycles to the East Indies. Many Gazelle bicycles survive throughout Indonesia even today. During this time Gazelle developed a collapsible delivery bike, tandems and even an electric bicycle was produced in 1937 together with Philips.

In 1954 Gazelle became a public company and built its millionth bicycle.

In the mid 1960s Gazelle built a "Special Racing Division" workshop at their factory in Dieren. In this workshop race frames were handbuilt by skilled craftsmen. At the height of their commercial success (around 1980-85) about 35 people were employed there. Gazelle had success with the steel framed "Champion Mondial" bicycles and sponsored the now infamous TVM racing team. The team folded in 2000 because of a doping scandal.

The centenary in 1992 coincided with the eighth millionth bicycle produced and from then on one million bicycles were produced every three to four years.

In 2011 Gazelle was acquired by Pon Holdings, co-owner of Cervélo bikes and importer of Volkswagen in the Netherlands.

Today, Gazelle is one of the largest cycle manufactures in Europe

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Champion Mondial

Champion Mondial


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