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The Cicli Fiorelli was founded in 1932 in via Ugo Foscolo in Novi Ligure, by brothers Rinaldo, Mario and Lino Fiorello. Initially they only built racing frames, but soon switched to producing all types of bikes. 

From the start Fiorelli sponsored racing teams and riders included champions such as Ferdy Kubler, Jean Robic, Charlie Gaul, Gianni Motta, Ugo Koblet and Ole Ritter who broke the hour record in 1968 on a Fiorelli frame.

Their most famous teams were Carpano-Coppi of 1956/57 and Tricofilina-Coppi in 1959 both teams were lead by local legend Fausto Coppi.

The production of motorcycles began in 1951, with the company taking the name of Motovelo Fiorelli and by the 1960s the annual production was 1000 mopeds and 20,000 bicycles.

Since 1956, in collaboration with Fausto Coppi, the Coppi-Fiorelli line of bicycles was created and continued even after Coppi’s death.

In 1988 Fiorelli taken over by the Masciaghi company and ceased trading altogether in 1990.

The Fiorelli factory is now the site of The Museo dei Campionissimi dedicated to cycling and in particular Fausto Coppi and Constante Girardengo who were both born locally.

Coppi Corsa

Coppi Corsa





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