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In the 1880s, Hotchkiss, Mayo & Meek Ltd was established in Coventry as a manufacturer of bicycles. In 1897, the company name was changed to Coventry-Eagle when John Meek left the company.

From 1898, like many bicycle manufacturers they began adding small petrol-engines to their heavier bicycle frames. By 1899 they produced their first motorcycle, manufactured along bicycle lines. By the start of WW1 they were sourcing 2 and 4 stroke engines from various British manufacturers. During the 1930s alongside production of motorcycles the company launched a range of sporting bicycles under the Falcon brand.

After WW2 the company ceased motorcycle production and once again concentrated on bicycle manufacture. From the mid 1950s Falcon Cycles became very successful under the management of British cycle racer Ernie Clements. So successful, that by the early 1970s they were able so sign a global licensing deal with Eddy Merckx, at the time the world’s most famous professional racing cyclist, to manufacture bikes under his name.

In 1978 Falcon Cycles were bought by Elswick Hopper and Falcon manufacturing was moved from Coventry to the Elswick Hopper factory in Baton-upon-Humber.

In 1984 Elwick Hopper dropped their own name and renamed it’s bicycle division Falcon Cycles. By the late 1980s in an effort to counteract falling sales they started sponsoring professional cycling teams PMS Falcon and later Banana Falcon.

In 1995 Elswick Hopper Falcon was sold to Tandem Group and today the Falcon Cycles branding can be found on all manner of mass produced bicycles and accessories.

San Remo Equipe

San Remo Equipe


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