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Giacomino 'Mino' Denti was a successful rider in the 1960s. As an amateur racer he won a world championship medal in the team time trial and had won over 90 races before he finally turned professional in 1967. During his short professional career he rode as a domestique in the highly successful teams Salvarani, Faema, Scic.  Due to his supportive role, he did not have the opportunity to collect too many victories and after a massive crash in the Giro of 1970 he quit racing.

In 1975 he launched his own brand of bicycles in his home town of Brescia, learning his frame building skills from master builders Giradi, Serena and Riccardi.

Denti bikes are usually very elegant often using bent or crimped seat stays, curved or fluted seat tubes, all designs which helped with rigidity and wheelbase.

The ladybird was the mascot of Mino Denti's family and subsequently became the trademark of his bicycle brand.

Cicli Denti is still a successful business in the same premises in Brescia




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