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Cicli Colner (COLNago ERnesto) was launched in the early 1970s from an idea presented by Colnago dealer Velosport in Bologna. The business plan was for a medium to high end bicycle line with an independent production from Colnago, but overseen by them. These bikes would be marketed at a slightly lower price with different distribution, especially in Southern Italy.

For Colnago it was also an opportunity to race with two separate teams at once, a practice not allowed by the UCI at the time.

The bikes were distinguished by a Spade symbol, unlike the Club of Colnago. They were an immediate commercial success and were very similar to, and used the same tubing as, the Colnago Super of the day.

Frame building was undertaken by Romani, Martini, Simoncini and custom frames for professional teams by the Gozzi brothers.

Colner was phased out gradually as the main brand became probably the world's best known and sought after.

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