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British Eagle

British Eagle Cycles was created by Ernie Clements in 1978 after he left Falcon Cycles when it was sold to Elswick Hopper.  The British Eagle factory was based at the old Phillips Cycle facility in Mochdre near Newport in mid Wales and initially supplied a range of entry to mid-level sports and touring bikes.

In the early 1980s the hugely successful British ex professional racing cyclist Barry Hoban joined British Eagle as Marketing Manager and the company launched a range of ‘Barry Hoban’ sports/race bikes.

The range was built with a mix of Reynolds tubing and Shimano group sets.

British Eagle Cycles Ltd. was dissolved in 1994 but the brand name popped up again under the reborn Falcon Cycles and then more recently by the  Brothers Bike Company in India, selling low end bikes of all descriptions.

Barry Hoban Autograph

Barry Hoban Autograph


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