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Fiamme Rims (tubs) on Campagnolo small flange hubs, double butted spokes, Campagnolo Record Chainset with Williams rings and Regina 5 Speed, Platform Pedals, Universal Levers with Mafac Brakes and Unica Saddle.

Story behind the machine – A.G Hobbs

"I bought the frame from Chas Mann’s speed shop King Norton in 1965, the frame cost twenty five Guineas (£26.50). 

Then I bought 1 pair Campagnolo small flange quick release wheels with Fiamme rims and double butted spokes and tubular tyres. Campagnolo cotterless chain set with Williams rings and Regina 5 ratio sprocket and platform pedals with rat trap toe clips. Unica leather covered nylon saddle. Universal brake levers and centre pull brakes G.B. Drop handlebars and cinelli extension. Campagnolo deraillieur gear changers and gear levers (later changed from down tube to handle bar mountings) This plus all the other bits cost £125.00. 

My coach/trainer was Terry Voyle, a friend of John Hartigan and member of Redditch road and path cycling club. 

My crash happened shortly after the bike was built, I was riding down Mayfields hill too fast and had to avoid four people walking in the road and then avoid hitting the kerb on the right hand side of the road the sharp turn I tried to make caused the front tub to roll off the rim and caused me to fly over the handlebars and hit the gravel road. 

Damage to the bike, wrecked front wheel, dent in top tube, scratched brake levers and handle bars. Damage to me, cuts above and below right eye (2stitches in each cut), skin ripped to the bone on right elbow wound full of gravel and multiple bruises. 

The cup was the Ivy Newman trophy awarded to the winning team in a ten mile time trial I think."

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