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Mexico Oro


This frame, number E3, is one of about 100 pieces of the legendary Colnago Mexico Oro from 1979. The Colnago Mexico was a further development of the Colnago Super and was intended to commemorate Eddy Merckx's hour record in 1972 in Mexico.

The Colnago Mexico Oro had even thinner tubes than the other tubes that Colnago had only developed for this model in collaboration with Columbus. Apart from the light tubes, the complete framesets were plated in 24 carat gold.

The first Mexico Oro produced was presented as a clever advertising idea to cycling fan Pope John Paul II. After his death his bike was auctioned, Colnago won and put it in his museum, where it still is today.

E3 is unridden and like all ‘Pope’ edition Oros fitted with a fully pantographed Campagnolo Super Record 'Mexico' milled and polished groupset.

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