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Built by Lino Beltramo’s its refined brazing, along with his telltale positioning of frame oilers display his skill, despite it being baded Dolza. 

Preferred components include, SIAMT hubs and pedals, Balilla brakes and a delicate chainset with exceptionally slender cranks. The “81” race number refers to Beltramo’s workshop address in Turin and the wooden rims are by CBItalia.

It’s likely the bike was repainted its current latte colour soon after WWII, probably at the same time it was modified with the rare 1948 4 speed Vittoria Giuseppina gear it has today. Its flip-flop rear wheel would have originally featured two single speeds, one of which remains in the form of a fixed wheel cog. The pedals are heavily eroded to their undersides from hard cornering - so perhaps it was raced on the track, or at least used with great gusto on the road!

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