Major Nichols

On returning from service in the Navy in the Second World War

Major Nichols joined his father’s cycle business that had specialised in selling mass produced bicycles in a shop on the ground floor of the family home and his birthplace at 5 Reform Street, West Bromwich

When his father died in 1947 Major (his given name) took over the business and taught himself frame building skills.

His eponymously named bicycles became well regarded throughout the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s.  These top quality sporting lightweight frames, always built with Reynolds 531 tubing and renown for excellent paint finishes were the choice of many competition riders, whether it was for pure racing on track or road, or for touring.

In 1971 the building was demolished as part of the slum clearances and the business moved to premises in Smethwick where he stayed until 2003 when he finally closed it’s doors (except to old customers). Major Nichols died after a short illness in 2005.

Today his frames are sought after by collectors for their quality finish and ride handling.