Cicli Artigianali Annual Awards page

The Heroic Endeavour Award

Presented to the club rider who has undertaken what we percieve to be an outstanding ride, adventure and/or cycling act of heroism!

No Direction home award

Presented to the club rider who during the year displays the utmost lack of a sense of direction, regardless of how many times they may have riden various routes!

The unscheduled dismount award

for the rider who has the most spectacular, embarressing or just plain daft dismount from their steed.

The machine maltreatment award

Given to the club member that displays the utmost contempt for their steed through poor treatment and lack of care.

Current Holder

Graeme Storey


Previous Holders

2018 - David Nygren

2017 - Alan & Adam Young

2016 - Dave Lindsey

Current Holder

Zoe Gulliver


Previous Holders

2018 - Bob Johnson

2017 - David Nygren

2016 - Aaron Firth

Current Holder

Neil Nash-Williams


Previous Holders

2018 - Zoe Gulliver

2017 - Geoff Nagle

2016 - Neil Nash-Williams

Current Holder

Craig Callander


Previous Holders

2018 - Terry Garrett

2017 - Neil Nash Williams

2016 - Cath Brooks

The Kitastrophe award

For the rider who’s attire may sometimes fall slightly short of Club standards.

Current Holder

Pete Evans


Previous Holders

2018 - Neil Nash-Williams

2017 - Julian Farge

Heroic Endeavour trophy No Direction Home trophy Unscheduled Dismount trophy Machine Maltretment trophy Kitastrophe trophy

The Forgotten Hero Award

Presented to the rider who through no fault of their own, was separated from the bunch and left to toil alone.

Current Holder

Adam Young


Previous Holders

2018 - Alfredo Marcantonio

Forgotten Hero trophy 6a winner Craig 2 winner Graeme NNW 4 winner Zoe 1 winner Pete Evans 5 winner Adam forgotten in broom wagon